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Important Note on Upgrading CollabNet Desktop Visual Studio Edition (CDVSE):

If you have CDVSE 1.0 installed on your system, you need to uninstall CDVSE manually (Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs). This step is automated in >=CDVSE 1.1. The installer will uninstall the existing CDVSE and install the upgraded version.


Development Builds

 CollabNet Desktop 4.5.4 for Microsoft Windows
August 13, 2015

 CollabNet Desktop 4.5.5 for Visual Studio
August 13, 2015

 CollabNet Desktop 4.5.4 for Microsoft Outlook
August 13, 2015

 CollabNet TeamForge Tortoise Plugin 1.0.2 (32-bit)
December 09, 2014

 CollabNet TeamForge Tortoise Plugin 1.0.2 (64-bit)
December 09, 2014


  • Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8
  • .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 or higher ( see FAQ )
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, (v3.3.0+), 2013 (v4.0.0+), or Visual Studio 2015 (v4.3.2+)
    * Required for CollabNet Desktop - Visual Studio Edition
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013
    * Required for CollabNet Desktop - Microsoft Outlook Edition

Note on Development Builds:

These are generally fairly stable and we use them internally. They are a good way to see the features we are working on and get our hands on the latest features right now. That said, they are development builds, which means there will be things that do not work right, or we decide to remove or heavily modify. If you are going to use development builds, it is probably a good idea to also participate on the discussion forum.

Issues Resolved


Documentation for CollabNet Desktops is available in the CollabNet User Information Center.

Release History

Here is a brief timeline of the releases from this project.

 Release  Date
 CollabNet presence in Visual Studio. CollabNet Sites support.
 1.1.0  2008-09-15  Bug fixes, rich editor support for CSFE Artifacts.
 1.2.0  2008-10-10  Bug fixes, rich editor support for PT artifacts, IZ issues, and others. AnkhSVN integration.
 1.3.0  2009-01-06  Bug fixes, MS office integration, change-set merge client.
 1.4.0  2009-04-14  Bug fixes, document service performance improvement, UI improvements.
 1.5.2  2009-07-09  VS2010 compatibility, single installer for supported VS versions, Subversion 1.6 libraries, auto update check, DnD to local system.
 1.6.1  2009-10-29 AnkhSVN Pending Changes - Issues page integration .
 2.0  2009-12-15  TeamForge 5.3 features. Dynamic planning and agile.
 2.1  2010-04-01  Bug fixes, Windows desktop extensibility, Office plugin installer integration (Windows desktop installer).
 2.2  2010-07-16  Bug fixes, TeamForge 5.4 features.
 2.3  2010-10-25  Bug fixes, File System Explorer (Windows Desktop), UI Enhancements.
 2.4  2010-12-17  PKI Enabled desktops(Client and server certificates including CAC).
 2.5  2011-02-17  TeamForge 6.0.x support, Codesion integration, TeamForge tracker layout.
 3.0  2011-06-23  TeamForge 6.1 features, Import/Export custom queries.
 3.1  2011-11-02  Subversion 1.7.x, bug fixes
 3.2  2011-12-13  TeamForge Connector and SvnEdge integration, TeamForge Task Board, mass update for TeamForge artifacts, bug fixes
 3.3  2012-03-21  Subversion 1.7.3, Codesion-TeamForge project integration, bug fixes
 3.4  2012-07-02 TeamForge 6.2 support, tracker units, Git repositories, Visual Studio 2012RC support (VS desktop), bug fixes
 3.5  2012-11-02 TeamForge Planning Board, bug fixes
 3.6  2013-05-15 Review Board integration, bug fixes
 4.0  2013-10-03 TeamForge Planning board and task board enhancements, SVN 1.8.3, bug fixes
 4.1  2013-12-20 TeamForge 7.1 support, Kanban board, Office 2013 support, bug fixes
 4.2  2014-04-01 TeamForge teams, artifact metrics, bug fixes
 4.3  2014-07-03 TeamForge 7.2, bug fixes
 4.4  2015-02-17 TeamForge 8.0, improved agile boards, bug fixes
 4.5  2015-08-13 TeamForge 8.1, TeamForge Events integration, 64-bit MS Office support, bug fixes